Create a Customer-Driven Culture that Inspires a Large Organization

In the ideal world of user experience we always put our customer first, our teams are all on the same page, and we strive to delight customers above all else. But what happens when you are the lone customer advocate in a sea of data driven, results-focused, back end engineers? A small UX team trying to drive change across hundreds of engineers and re-focus their years of legacy work to be customer-backed seemed an impossible feat. However, with support from leadership, and some out of the box techniques that allowed us to bring a scalable customer empathy program to the organization, we’ve started to see amazing results. 

We’ll take you through our journey to transform all members of our large technology organization into customer advocates. We’ll share our strategy for creating a culture of empathy, the successes and failures, and tips for how to adapt it to your own organization.

Commodore E