Empathy: the Science of Feeling. Do You Have Enough Empathy to Reach Your Full UX Potential?

Ever wondered what makes some practitioners truly great? Is there something in how they are wired that sets them apart and amplifies their contributions on products, projects, and within organizations? 

Our presenters will explore how recent advances in brain science and empathic competency may offer practice owners and businesses measurable ways to hire and cultivate individuals who can make a true difference in the success of their products and teams. The two will share findings from their 2015 survey of more than 500 practitioners throughout Europe, Canada and the United States on the importance of empathy in designing informational environments. 

Join our presenters and hear how a conversation about hiring for fit, the role of certifications, and predicting team success resulted in a journey to understand what really makes us tick. 

(Participant count will be updated after research fields to reflect actual participant numbers and respondent geographies).