To Fly or Not to Fly? How to Use Remote Techniques for Moderated Research on Mobile Devices to Stay Off Airplanes and Save Clients' Money

Online screen sharing tools have changed our research toolkit. Now we can conduct research faster and more cost effectively using screen sharing tools and webcams.  

And then came mobile devices. To see people interact with their smartphones and tablets, we had to be in person. Back on planes!  

Now it's possible to conduct multi-channel research remotely Cash- and time-strapped clients are hungry for this affordable, fast solution. It's not easy (and it's not right for every project), but you should know how to do it for projects where it's a good fit. 

In this session, we'll discuss 

  • pros and cons of each approach, 
  • lessons learned, 
  • when remote multi-channel research is a good idea (& when it's not), & 
  • hot tips on how to effectively conduct research remotely on mobile devices.