Fundamentals of Successful Usability Testing for Mobile Apps and Websites in Progress

Imagine you could read your customers' minds and understand what they value, and whether they honestly think your product is a pleasure to use, or not worth the effort.

You can come close by running usability tests. There are, however, many types of tests. So how do you choose which is the right one? And where do you start if you haven't done it before?

This workshop will take you through the core steps you need to complete for any usability test, different ways you can deploy your test, and the tools you'll need.

You are encouraged to create a test for an app or website you are working on. By the end of the day you will create a test and practice using it. Templates and checklists will be provided.

Peter has set up and run hundreds of tests for startups to Fortune 500 companies over the last 19 years.

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