Get the Tech out of the Way: Shallow Interaction Design for Enhanced Social Play

We're all familiar with the phrase that "less is more", and in the case of games and learning, no truer words have been spoken. In this session, we'll talk about a game that we helped a museum research, design, and develop to engage people in the complex topic of disaster resilience. Session attendees will have an opportunity to experience a portion of the game first hand and then participate in a lively presentation and discussion about the user-centered design techniques we used, drawing on theories from instructional design and serious games. To keep things simple, and avoid the dreaded “feature creep”, we worked in paper as long as we could and only brought in digital when we were certain we'd nailed the game mechanics to achieve our intended learning outcomes. The end result was a hybrid paper/digital social learning game that even BIG US GOVERNMENT AGENCY is excited about.

Constellation B