How to Effectively Implement Different Online Research Techniques for Rapid Unmoderated Feedback

Are you the sole UX researcher in your organization? Do you struggle to get timely research insights and feedback for your stakeholders? Online research tools offer practitioners the ability to gather feedback quickly and asynchronously, without the need for facilitation or moderation. 

In this presentation, we provide an overview of some of the many online research tools that are available for gathering quick feedback on requirements, designs, and stakeholder sentiment. We offer general guidelines for recruiting, planning, implementing, and analyzing feedback, and then present how to use specific methods that have proven particularly useful for design and requirements research. 

Attendees will hear about several problem scenarios, and vote on methods they think would work best to addressing the problems. After a group discussion about pros and cons, the presenters will share case study information about the methods they chose, and what worked well, and not so well.