Ignite: What's New? Late-breaking UX Tools and Tips

During this ignite track you'll learn about some cutting edge UX tools and methodologies, as well as some fascinating design psychology topics that you can apply to your upcoming projects.


Getting user feedback through in-lab 'immersive' study
Presented by Sukhada Jog

Getting feedback from users on an unreleased product can be quite challenging, even more if it involves bridging online to offline experiences while keeping the product confidential.

During this 5 minute Ignite Session, you will learn how we customized a lab-based study to create an immersive experience for the user. I will cover the following briefly:

  • Process
  • Key lessons
  • Impact

How To Accidentally Create A Viral UX Infographic
Presented by Jennifer Aldrich

A year ago I drew a UX themed doodle that went unexpectedly, internationally viral in a matter of days. During this Ignite session I'll describe what led up to the creation of the doodle, some lessons I learned after it went viral, and 5 quick tips on how you can make the greatest level of impact with your infographics.

Presented by Mike Ryan

The responsive age has brought many challenges to the UX world. One of the biggest challenges is mobile navigation. Enter the hamburger icon (☰)! Many mobile apps and sites today use this design pattern. But, is hamburger navigation our responsive savior or does it introduce additional problems? This session will look at the current use of hamburger navigation and summarize qualitative and quantitative studies of it's efficacy. 

Mobile Augmented Reality -- Can it be made useful?
Presented by Kevin Arthur

Can mobile augmented reality move from gimmicks and advertising towards genuinely useful and compelling applications? I'll talk about new camera and computer vision technology that may help, and give some tips on designing for these new mobile AR experiences.

Why Body Gestures are not The Future of UX
Presented by Tony Fernandes

Many gesture advances have been made using cameras and sensors. Increasingly, device markers are relying on these capabilities to leverage body motion to control experiences. This talk discusses the pros and cons of using  large scale gestures and questions their role in the future of UX.

Emotional Journey Tool
Presented by Tony Fernandes

Research tools such as Likert Scales can often be blunt instruments when it comes to tracking people’s emotional state over the course of the product experience especially when it stretches over multiple steps and over an extended time period. The soon to be released cloud-based Emotie (www.emotietool.com) provides researchers with a simple tool for tracking and communicating people’s emotional state.