It's Getting Personal: The Rise of Hyper-Targeted User Experiences

The User Experience community faces an all-new challenge in the rise of hyper-personalized web content, which allows sites to serve targeted messages to individual users based on behavioral or demographic data. While the technologies that support targeting grow more powerful by the day, the UX and content strategies behind them are often lacking -- or nonexistent. This has resulted in something we’ve all experienced online at one time or another: the creepy targeted ad. 

It’s time to fight back. While targeted marketing isn't going anywhere soon, the advent of Web Experience Management systems has democratized the landscape, meaning more clients have the ability to design personalized digital experiences. By re-framing the motivations behind targeting, UX designers have a significant opportunity to direct this power in ways that are user-centric, not marketer-centric. In this talk we’ll cover new tools and techniques to get started in the effort to take back personalized content for Good.

Constellation A