It's Time To Listen To Smartwatch Users: UX Research On Use Cases, Design, and Platforms

Established electronics players like Samsung, Sony, LG, and Motorola have already introduced smartwatches. Upstarts like Pebble and others are nipping at their heels. In 2013, 2 million smartwatches were sold in the US. That was well before the long-anticipated Apple Watch, which is supposed to make its debut in early 2015. With broader penetration right around the corner, it’s time for user experience professionals to develop strategies that anticipate and support the smartwatch market. In this session, we’ll discuss the platform considerations that will help the UX community develop, design and research this soon-to-be-standard form factor. 
We’ll present hot-off-the-press in-depth user testing findings on a variety of smartwatches. We’ll reveal insights about use cases; best practices for design considerations like input, navigation, and screen layout; and development opportunities for features and functionality. Most importantly, we’ll review lessons learned in how to conduct UX research on this tiny but important screen.

Constellation A