Keep it Lightweight, Inspiring and Super-Effective: Home Visits Through the Agile Lens

Do any of these situations resonate with you? 
Team wants to learn more about their end users, most ideally in their natural context. As a researcher, you suggest home visits as the appropriate and effective method. The team loves the idea of meeting their users and visiting their homes. They are excited, BUT they reject it saying its time consuming, lengthy, they need the results quickly, it doesn't fit in their timeline, too much time commitment from the team, our product might change and they'd rather focus on quick usability studies instead of really knowing their users. 

Now that, we call a 'symbiotic compromise'. The team compromises on their objective and the researcher on the methodology. 

To avoid this, we designed 'User Wednesdays' - A recurring bi-weekly cadence for home visits. It is lightweight, inspiring and extremely effective. 

You will learn about planning, efficient team involvement and effective method of sharing the findings.