Learning from Users in their Natural Habitat

One of the shortcomings of many user interviews is the vast gulf between what people think they do versus what they actually do, not to mention what they may have forgotten having done. Fortunately, new research tools are filling that gap by allowing users to quickly provide feedback from their phone right after they use a product, allowing for the capturing of rich, emotional details. These tools are breathing new life into a traditional research tool, the diary study. 

This talk share the best practices I’ve developed for designing a digital diary study that collects relevant and insightful data. It will be framed by examples from a recent diary study exploring how people use their fitness trackers (Fitbit, Jawbone Up, etc). Attendees will come away with not only an understanding of how much rich data can be collected this way, but with the basic knowledge needed to execute their own digital diary studies. 

Constellation A