A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words: Agile Field Visit Reporting

Communicating the human-centered experience of users to clients or teams back at the office can be a challenge. “You had to be there…” doesn’t cut it when summarizing and reporting the rich qualitative results of in-home field studies. Reading transcripts or watching hours of video recordings is inefficient; stakeholders cannot often join researchers in the field due to practical, logistical, or time constraints.

This case study describes two simple methods of reporting results—one almost entirely visual—to convey timely research highlights to stakeholders in a way that builds empathy and understanding of the consumer. Attendees will learn practical tips for conducting consumer home visits:
• Developing a research protocol that allows for quick results reporting
• Identifying subjects and events for photography and video recording
• Tips for hand-held video recording and in-home photography
• Structuring an image summary
• Selecting visual highlights from still photos and video
• Providing additional context using other images

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