Second Showing Of: Create a User Experience Mindset Within Your Organization by Conducting Customer Journey Mapping

A Customer Experience Journey Map is a very useful tool to understand and improve customer experience. It allows organizations to develop a user experience mindset and gain better insights into customer’s needs. It helps identify key Moments of Truth and drive actionable priorities to improve a product or innovate on creating new products. 

When you involve stakeholders in creating a Journey Map, they “walk in the customer’s shoes” and know the story of customer experience. They start telling this story to themselves and others in the organization. The customer stories and insights gained from the Journey Map lead to 

  • identifying actionable items aligned with organizational strategy 
  • prioritizing initiatives 
  • uniting the cross-functional team to take action on the findings 
  • creating better user experiences 

In this presentation, you learn 

  • What Customer Journey Mapping is 
  • Why it is important 
  • What is the process for conducting it 
  • How to create a user experience mindset within your organization