From Team-of-1 to Team-of-10: Growing a Design Team in a Product-Driven Company

This talk presents a series of challenges and opportunities that are emerging for design leaders, managers (and their teams) in a context where startups and established companies are changing their organisations to be lean, modular, product-driven and customer-centric. It consolidates learnings both from my experience in creating a design team in a eduTech company, and from a collection of case studies and opinions gathered among other design managers in agencies and companies: culture, process, cross-team collaboration, accountability, impact on the company are some of the key topics of discussion. 

The talk also introduces an approach to the creation of an open, highly collaborative, impactful design team. 

Finally, the talk includes advice to tackle some of the key troubles faced when creating a design team, at different stages: from the set-up to the maturity phase, through a series of breakthrough moments.

Commodore E