User-Centered Design of Surveys and Forms

Whether surveys or forms are your final product or a part of your website/app, creating usable surveys and forms is crucial to a strong user experience for both the user entering information and the user receiving the information. In this session, you will learn about UX principles that drive a strong user experience when completing surveys/forms. The session will focus on understanding the key components of surveys/forms, what they are used for, and how to use them effectively. Topics include using labels to make forms and surveys easier, writing clear instructions, reducing respondent burden, and determining appropriate input fields such as check boxes versus radio buttons. Examples will include findings from usability studies and empirical research, some of which include eye tracking. Usability testing, eye tracking, and other user experience research methods will be discussed. 

You will participate in a number of activities, including designing a form that takes into account the learned principles.

Constellation B